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We have Stores Manager And Senior Instructor vacancies in the following locations:

Culmington Manor / Shropshire
Norfolk Lakes / Norfolk
Willerseley Castle / Derbyshire
Abernant Lake / Wales
Lockerbie Manor / Scotland
Château du Broutel / France
Château de Warsy / France

Salary Package

up to £20,500 per year

Contract Duration

37.5 hrs per week

Working as a Stores Manager And Senior Instructor for Manor Adventure

To manage and operate the Centre’s Stores Department and Fleet Vehicles. In the absence of the Chief Instructor, assist the Centre Manager. You will be required to take on the role of Senior Instructor, providing an introduction to outdoor pursuits to all visitors at the centre in a safe environment.

As a Stores Manager And Senior Instructor you will be responsible for:

You will be required to work 6 days per week with 2 meal breaks and rest breaks times specified by your Line Manager. As a Senior Instructor, you will be required to work as the ‘On Call Manager’ according to a rota prepared by your Line Manager. As the ‘On Call Manager’, your duties will include, in addition to those set out in this job description, the duties which are specifically contained in the Employers standard operation procedures. When acting as the ‘On Call Manager’ you will be required to work a shift inclusive of sleeping time when not undertaking on-call duties.

What experience or qualifications do you need:

You will have regular contact with Centre Managers and fellow employees. In addition, Schools, Colleges and Educational establishments. Which will also include, pupils, parents, teachers and governors. Your Daily Duties: 1. To represent Manor Adventure with professionalism, maturity and integrity at all times. 2. To present yourself at work, wearing the uniform provided, in a clean, tidy and respectable state at all times. 3. To oversee the smooth running of the centre on a daily basis in conjunction with the Head of Centre / Chief Instructor. 4. To attend a morning meeting with the Head of Centre / Chief Instructor and instructors to discuss any relevant issues and staffing for that day. 5. Issue of equipment required by instructors for their activity sessions. 6. De-prep and stow away equipment returned after activity sessions. 7. Service, repair and maintain equipment following simple written guidelines. All work must be recorded. 8. Periodic safety checks on all equipment. To be recorded 9. Ensure all equipment is accounted for i.e., signed out by instructors and returned c correctly after use. To be recorded. 10. Organise clothing issue to clients on arrival and returned after use, before the client’s departure. 11. Carry out all tasks and duties laid down in the SOP’s or as allocated by the Chief Instructor or Head of Centre. 12. Maintain all stores inventories and records. 13. Ensure all vehicles are in a clean and serviceable state and that the daily inspections are carried out. 14. Ensure vehicles are ready for daily use. 15. Report any unserviceable vehicles to the Head of Centre 16. Ensure that all vehicle records are maintained. 17. Ensure all driver-training records are maintained. 18. Carry out all duties and tasks laid out in stores SOP’s and those allocated by either the CI or Head of Centre. 19. Carry out ‘Preview Visit’ for those visiting and potential visitors to Manor Adventure. 20. To ensure the stores persons are organised in a Rota so they have a session break every day where possible to make up for issue and receipt of equipment during non-session times. 21. To assume the role of Senior Instructor as and when required. (See job description SI) Arrivals and Departures 1. To take on the role of a Senior Instructor 2. Carry out supervision of all Arrivals and Departures of Manor guests, (normally each SI has responsibility for a specific school). 3. Dispatching clients to their correct accommodation on arrival, ensuring that accurate fire lists are recorded and produced for the relevant folders. 4. Ensuring that accurate group lists, with relevant medical information, are published in the instructor’s staff room and recorded in the CI office. 5. Carry out introductory rules talk for the school / group. 6. Carry out an arrivals fire alarm practice for your respective group. (See Health and Safety) 7. Supervise the effective cleaning of your designated. accommodation / building on changeover days. Training and Personnel 1. Assist in the training of new staff ensuring that they have a full awareness of the SOP’s. 2. Ensure any relevant documentation of your training is recorded / noted. 3. Attend regular reviews with your CI and bring relevant Issues to their attention. 4. Assist with the documentation of staff training. 5. Be available to listen to any grievances from the instructors, carry out regular reviews and bring relevant issues to the attention of the CI. Health and Safety 1. Ensure that Manor Adventure’s Health and Safety Policy is always adhered to by all personnel. 2. To monitor and implement issues concerning Health and Safety. 3. To give each new member of staff literature regarding: Manual Handling, COSHH and a child protection statement. Ensure that each is read, understood, and signed in pen and filed in their personal file. 4. Carry out an arrivals fire practice for your respective group, ensuring that the evacuation procedure is fully understood. Record the practice in the fire drill register. 5. Ensure that weekly safety checks are carried out correctly, and that all the relevant paperwork is recorded and collated correctly. Any action points are to be brought to the attention of the CI. 6. Ensure that the Near Miss and Accident Report Forms are correctly filled out, as and when required. (Any completed Accident Report Forms are to be given to the CI / Head of Centre at morning meeting to be countersigned) 7. Report any deficiencies in the First Aid (FA) stock or FA kits to the On Call Manager / Centre Administrator.

What we can offer you:

Om site parking, free meals and subsidised accommodation.

We welcome applications from all nationalities but due to our strict Health and Safety procedures applicants must be able to speak English clearly and fluently.

All employment offers will be dependent on a satisfactory DBS check and two satisfactory references.

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