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Career Progression within Manor Adventure

What we are looking for in a new employee at Manor Adventure is a well presented pleasantly mannered individual who has the aptitude, willingness and ability to learn new and fun skills.

It does not matter if you do not have any qualifications or have a lack of experience as regards to the activities we offer. If you have the right attitude then we believe that you would be a major asset to Manor Adventure and we can train you to be a superb Manor Adventure Instructor. When you become employed by Manor Adventure we give you the opportunity to progress through the outdoor activity industry and on to higher levels. This is achieved by providing one of the best training programmes available in today’s market. Manor Adventure has a reputation of providing some of the best instructors around and being able to demonstrate on your CV that you have completed a season at Manor Adventure is regarded very highly within our industry.

Stage One: Initial Training

team photo Your employment will commence with Manor Adventure once you have passed selection. Training then takes place at one of our centres in England, Wales, Scotland or France. This will consist of a work induction programme involving all the Health and Safety aspects of the site starting with a Fire Marshals course followed up by a First Aid at Work course. Both these qualifications last for 3 years, so even if you work only one season with Manor Adventure you will be able to use them in your future career.

Additional initial training includes: Child Protection; Pastoral Carers Skills; Health & Safety, Manual Handling and COSHH.

Once all the basics have been completed then the fun starts.

Stage Two: National Governing Body Training

You will be selected to take up to 5 NGB courses subject to your age, ability and competence. Whilst achieving as many of these as you can, you will also be given training on all the other activities which Manor Adventure operate. There are 37 different activities on offer at our Centres. Costs of courses are free of charge on completion of your contract.

Examples of some sessions based at our centre in Shropshire are listed below:

AbseilingAdrenaline activity and develops inner confidence.
ArcheryOn site archery ranges
Bivouac BuildingLearn to build a shelter using natural materials, usually done as part of the survival session.
Blind TrailExperience life without one of the senses we take for granted. Develops communication & listening skills.
Bike SkillsGreat way to explore Manor Adventure’s grounds with games & challenges. Must be able to ride a bike.
Camp Craft SkillsIntroduction to basic camping skills, tent assembly, cooking on camping stoves, etc.
Caving (Underground Maze)Over 240 square meters of tunnels with a small cavern with stalagmites and stalactites.
ClimbingOn site purpose-built climbing tower.
Compass WorkLearn to navigate using a map and compass.
Confidence CourseCulmington Manor's unique purpose built aerial obstacle course.
Crate StackingA challenging team activity which requires skill, nerve and excellent balance.
CyclingFollow dedicated trails through the forests and hills in the local area.
Educational VisitsA varied and interesting range of educational visits available on our Action Studybreak course.
Evening WalkA local walk with various routes around the centre
Expedition ExperienceAn ideal activity for groups starting their Duke of Edinburgh award expedition training.
FencingLearn the basic rules/skills: stance, lunge, parry and repost.
Film Studies/VideoThe group get the chance to make and star in a short film and then watch the result.
High All AboardUp to four participants climb together to reach the top of an exposed 20ft single pole.
High RopesEach centre has a different style High Ropes course. A challenging and exhilarating activity, regardless of age.
Hill Walk/Lake WalkA low level walk in the surrounding area.
Initiative ExercisesManor Adventure has a large selection of problem solving activities located around the each centre
Jacobs LadderA difficult but achievable challenge requiring skill, good balance and strength to climb up wooden rungs which become further apart the higher you climb.
Lake ChallengeGet your group onto the island via a zip wire. Return to the main land using your initiative.
Low RopesA series of cabled and roped events. These will test your stamina, coordination and agility.
Manor OlympicsFun and games for teams organised on site by our instructors.
Nature Reserve StudiesThe varied environment around the four lakes at Norfolk Lakes provides an ideal habitat for both migratory and resident birds as well as otters, bats and water vole. Pupils are provided with worksheets and binoculars to assist with the study of the varied ecology around the lakes.
Nature TrailA walk around the estate studying the local flora and fauna on prearranged trails.
Obstacle CourseOffering a variety of different personal and team challenges.
Open Canoes & KayakingLearn the skills and techniques as a team in the Open canoes or individually in Kayaks.
OrienteeringChildren are taught in small teams to map read, to enable them to locate clues around the centre's grounds.
Raft BuildingDesign and build a raft to carry your group across the lake
Rifle ShootingTarget sport using .177 small bore rifles in the safety of our rifle range.
SailingAn opportunity to learn the basics of dinghy sailing in a safe environment
Scavenger SkillsAn activity challenge in small groups to collect information about Manor Adventure and other fun items.
Stand up Paddle BoardingUnlike surfing, paddle boarding is easy to learn.
Survival SkillsGroups will be taught the 5 basic elements: shelter, warmth, drink, food and rescue.
Swimming/Water PoloHeated pool on site (Shropshire) May to September only.
Team GamesAn alternative to outdoor pursuits such as rounders, volleyball etc.
Wide GamesWorking together to plan tactics and learn the skills and techniques required for each game.
Zip WireClimb to a platform using a rope ladder and descend via a 70 metre zip wire.

Stage Three: The Season

climbing When you are not on training sessions or training courses you will be instructing clients on a wide range of activity stations. (You will not be placed on a limited number of activities for the season which is common practice with a lot of our competitors).

We have an impressive list of schools and groups who return to Manor Adventure every year because they know that their pupils will be taught by excellent instructors. This is a very testing and intensive lifestyle and the first few months will determine whether you have the personality to handle centre life which differs intensely from the mundane 9 to 5 work lifestyle.

Our experience shows that our instructors love their job. YOU as well as our clients develop an inner confidence, grow in self esteem and develop previously unknown skills. Our instructors regularly state their high level of job satisfaction and the buzz they get from helping children develop. (For example: Helping and coaxing a child on the abseil tower to overcome their fear of heights and to see the look on their face when they succeed with your help. Something they will never forget.)

You will get respect, admiration and appreciation from our customers; this makes the job immensely enjoyable.

Stage Four: Mid Season

activity equipment Promotion opportunities for the right employees can occur after only several months while at Manor Adventure. As a personal company, Management are able to quickly assess potential in our instructors especially after our intensive training programmes.

Also during mid season we usually recruit a second wave of instructors which gives more opportunities to our experienced instructors for promotion and /or training.

Stage Five: End of Season

At this stage you will have gained a vast repertoire of knowledge, experience and confidence which will enhance you with any Outdoor Pursuit Company. Over 45% of our instructors who wish to stay on over our winter period are offered extensions to their contracts.

The work ranges from instructing activities for small off peak groups to maintaining activity stations to building, developing and testing new exciting activity stations for the following season.

Staff who finish their contract are able to keep their uniform (retail value of above £500 new), and enjoy our traditional infamous end of season party.

Second Season

head of centre With the knowledge and experience generated in your first year you are in a very strong position to look at the possibility of promotion when the opportunity arises if you are ambitious. If you are not looking for promotion you have the option of working at a different centre if you wish.

Potential For improvement

We have a policy of promoting within the company. Our current Managing Director started as an instructor! Head of Centres, Chief Instructors and Senior Instructors are regularly promoted from within our existing staff teams. This emphasises the quality of our instructors which provides a natural recruitment base within our company!! We also offer follow up courses which are available to our exceptional staff who make the grade. These include: NUCO First Aid at work tutors course; Single Pitch Award; Level Two Coach UKCC; BEL Tutors Course to name but a few.

History shows that instructors with the right attitude, diligence and enthusiasm can achieve and progress within Manor Adventure in quite a short period of time subject to opportunities which develop within the company.

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